Attack Bots
Attack Bots

Attack Bots are humanoid robots that only appeared in the Mega Man cartoon series. Used mainly as Dr. Wily's personal army, the Attack Bots were only in three episodes in the second season.


Terror of The Seven SeasEdit

Used mainly to hijack a battle ship and to defended the Battle Ship Fortress from with in.

Robo SpiderEdit

Used to keep Mega Man busy or destroy him while Dr. Wily's Robo Spider drains power from the city to destroy Dr. Light's military super computer. The Attack Bots were piloting Skull Copters in this episode and also featured an orange color scheme.

Mega XEdit

They appear in the beginning of the episode piloting Wily's Skull Jets and Skull Tanks to attack Dr. Light's plasma power plant.

Attack Bots equipment and weaponryEdit

Laser Cannon: Not as powerful as the Mega/Proto Buster, but it is still an effective weapon in numbers.

Grappling Hook Cannon: A bazooka that fires grappling hook cable lines.

Cable Skates: Are built in skates that allows the Attack Bots to use cable lines as a way of transportation or hijack ships.


Attack bots are capable of operating Dr. Wily's military vehicles, such as Skull Copters, Bone Planes / Bone Jets, and Bone Tanks / Skeletal Tanks. This is shown during a simulation on Dr. Light's military super computer at the beginning of the Robo Spider episode.