Mega Man Ash
Japanese cover and promo art.

Mega Man Ash, is the first game in Mega Man Ash series. The game is only in English language as per the director and writer are from America. The game was released in November 18, 2012. Developed by Inti Creates and published by Capcom.


After the defeat of the Dr. Albert, the new government called Mexaeo Arcadia was formed. The Mavericks and Dark Forces of Mexaeo Arcadia began hunting every Humans and Reploids, so that they could get Ultra-Elf, the energy source from Mexaeo. Finally, Amy is the C.M. in Resistance Base and monitors everything.


The game begins as Amy asks to the soul of X to release Ash from the source. As accepted, X goes inside Ash's body and refreshes him and Ash awakens. Some of Ultron Reploids (main enemies) comes and the first mission begins, where Ash rescues the soldiers by defeating the Golem and teleports to Resistance Base. Ash gets in many missions of defeating the new Mavericks. Finally Amy creates the clone of Zero, so that he could help Ash in some missions, but he is villainous. Copy Zero never cares about anything accept about him and his Five Negatives. In the final, Ash learns that this Zero is the perfect copy of Original Zero. Ash defeats the Negatives and Negatives escaped, but Copy Zero and Ash battles. Ash defeats Copy Zero and he transforms into Ultimate Form. Ash destroys Ultimate Copy Zero. After that, the warning comes where the Self-destruct mode is activated. Ash escapes and Copy Zero tells his final words, "You still didn't..... see anything yet.... As per, I will........... not die!", Copy Zero's palace destroys and Amy thanked to Ash for helping her in this mission. The scene fades out and shows in Desert Ambush where the army of enemies grows up.

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